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Case Studies

For over two decades, Vercity (previously known as HCP) has supported investors and companies that are invested in Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs). We work across a large number of specialist sectors, including health, education, renewable energy, defence, and transport infrastructure, adding significant value to projects throughout their lifetime. We have a highly qualified and experienced in-house specialist team that will provide you with outstanding financial leadership and support, leaving you confident that your assets are secure and being managed for optimal performance.

Over the years, we’ve built the capacity to provide a comprehensive range of services, including, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) management, project leadership, financial management, strategic asset management, commercial management, ESG and clean energy advisory. Our breadth of skills and depth of experience will provide you with peace of mind that you’re receiving value for money and assurance on performance.

At Vercity, we ensure you meet your contractual obligations, optimise your asset performance and establish meaningful partnerships between public and private sector stakeholders. We have an unrivalled and award-winning record in implementing innovative ESG and CSR strategies that add value while actively engaging in initiatives that improve the environment, enhance well-being and encourage meaningful social connection.

Civil Aviation Authority: Financial Model Review
DIF Capital Partners: Technical Due Diligence
Cramlington CHP Plant: Financial Management
Enlighten Learning Trust: Maintenance Planning
Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals: Services Handover
British Transport Police: PPP Project Expiry
St Bartholomew’s and Royal London Hospitals: Services Handover
Tendring Schools: PPP Project Expiry
Alder Hey Children’s Trust: Strategic Advice
Queen Elizabeth Hospital: SPV Management
A130 (A12 – A127): SPV Management
Race Bank Offshore Wind: Financial Management
Walney Extension Offshore Wind: Financial Management
Wakefield Streetlighting: PPP Management
Cross London Trains: Financial Management
Metropolitan Police Tactical Training Centre: SPV Management
Glasgow City Colleges: SPV Management
University of Hertfordshire: SPV Management
St Helens & Knowsley Hospitals: SPV Management
Hinchingbrooke Treatment Centre: SPV Management
Peterborough Health Improvement Plan : SPV Management
St Bartholomew’s & The Royal London Hospitals: SPV Management