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Stakeholder Management

As an investor, you need to engage with and manage all project stakeholders to address arising matters and drive your projects forward. At Vercity, we understand that stakeholders can have competing interests, which in turn, can influence the success or failure of the project.

Our capabilities ensure that parties are appropriately involved in all aspects of the project. Together, we can make sure that all views are understood, therefore maximising the impact of supportive stakeholders and minimising conflicts.

The key to successful project delivery

Investing effort in the early stages of a project will ensure a smooth process moving forward. Private Finance and Project Finance Initiatives, in particular, can have complex arrangements of project stakeholders and require careful management from an experienced team.

At Vercity, our depth of experience and capabilities enable us to use intelligent, joined-up thinking to communicate with and relate to each party. In taking the time to understand each stakeholder’s interests and motivations, we can ensure positive project outcomes.

Capability is a key success factor in projects of all sizes. At Vercity, we have expertise across a wide range of sectors. With our partnership, you’ll benefit from a human approach to stakeholder management that seeks to understand individual interests.

Understanding the complex dynamics

No two projects are the same, that’s why we take the time to identify and evaluate the complex dynamics around every investment. You’ll feel assured knowing that we will engage appropriately with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone is working towards the common goal of project success.

In understanding the complexities of the stakeholder matrix, we can ensure that all parties recognise their responsibilities and are held accountable for their contribution. With Vercity as your partner, we’ll ensure everyone is consulted and informed on key matters, including overall strategy.

As an investor, you need a stakeholder management team with the capabilities to keep on top of differing interests and to ensure conflicts don’t lead to costly issues further down the line. In assessing issues as they’re raised, we can look at alternatives and accommodate changes as necessary.

Together, we can strengthen your relationship with other stakeholders and consequently, the public sector and the wider community.

Establishing effective channels of communication and influence

Once all project stakeholders have been assessed, we’ll ensure that effective communication channels are in place with a view to influencing interest and influence.

We understand that stakeholders have different communication preferences and we’ll develop robust plans to ensure engagements are as effective and positive as possible throughout the project life.

In promoting open communication, you’ll be able to continuously drive improvements. Together, we can strengthen your relationship with other stakeholders and consequently, the public sector and the wider community.

Plan of action, monitoring and reporting

In co-ordinating stakeholder management activity, we can set the priorities and objectives of your projects. In guiding your operations, we’ll help you advance discussions, speed up the procurement process and achieve your financial objectives.

By aligning the terms on which you’ll do business with stakeholders, we’ll make it easier for you to run your operations and achieve economies of scale. In creating a solid plan of action, we’ll be able to monitor your stakeholder management policy at project and programme level and gather support from individuals.

Our robust reporting system will enable you to create more value in your business. In accessing market-leading reporting tools, you’ll have more control over budgets and make more progress towards performance targets.

Effectively engage with stakeholders and drive projects forward

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