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Contract Expiry and Transition

Many Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the UK are nearing contract expiry. These assets will need to handback to the public sector in good condition, with plans established for the provision of services thereafter. Managing contract expiry and transition to the new arrangements needs the right inputs and a focus on what really matters to the stakeholders.

Contract expiry and transition starts well before the handback date. Each party has a role to play throughout that period. Our highly experienced project managers can support all aspects of this process to help you plan the most effective handback of assets. Through open dialogue and collaboration between the parties, we ensure contractual obligations are met, whilst planning for the transition to the future management of the asset.

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Find out how the Vercity team can support you with contract expiry and transition:

PFI & PPP contract expiry and transition

As one of the largest Management Service Providers in the UK, Vercity can assist Special Purpose Vehicles in delivering their obligations and achieving successful contract expiry.

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Public Sector contract expiry and transition

With expertise in securing robust value for money contracts across sectors, Vercity’s services and asset experts can help procure, mobilise and manage contract expiry and transition to a new arrangement.

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Survey Management

We believe that delivering surveys in line with your needs should be at the forefront of survey management. We have successfully delivered numerous survey types, including condition, defect liability, PFI expiry and lifecycle plan surveys, to name a few.

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Facilities Management Advisory

At Vercity, we recognise the strengths and weaknesses in FM providers and understand their service costs and performance issues. We’ll take the time to understand your strategic, operational and commercial positions and will develop a service tailored to your needs.

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Facilities Management Compliance

As your strategic partner, we’ll get to the core of your activities to understand the balance between your strategic, operational and commercial positions. In developing tailored action plans, we’ll ensure you meet all compliance standards and develop solid public sector relationships.

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Facilities Management Contract Expiry and Transition

Vercity experts provide support on both Hard and Soft services through the expiry of PFI and in mobilising and delivering new contracts for service provision.

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Enhanced Lifecycle Management

Through continuous, active management, we can address the relevant technical and financial aspects of your project, ensuring your asset replacement programmes are properly coordinated, controlled and supported.

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Project and Programme Management

Vercity can deliver complex project and programme management across multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, police and housing. We’ll help you define your project management plan, strategic objectives and processes. In turn, you’ll benefit from optimised activities that ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

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Contract Expiry is the Activity Mid Point

In the years approaching the contract expiry and transition to the new arrangements for the asset, the public sector must take more action and more responsibility for it.

The handback of the asset at the expiry date is not the beginning of the process, but the mid-point.

Similarly the expiry date does not signal a sudden end to the Project Company role, but an evolution to a new phase.

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