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Facilities Management Contract Performance

Navigating the operational obligations of complex PFI and PPP contracts requires expert knowledge and a solid grasp of the evolving regulatory risks. As your strategic partner, Vercity will engage with and analyse your contract performance to understand the balance between your strategic, operational and commercial positions.

In developing tailored action plans, we’ll ensure you meet your contractual and legislative obligations. You’ll benefit from over two decades’ experience in improving contract performance and enhancing public sector relationships. Our robust audit process will provide expert insight into your service regimes, with a view to maintaining and improving performance.

Interpreting contracts – Ensuring compliance?

We understand that interpreting contracts can be challenging, particularly if you do not have a depth of experience in contract management. Obligations are often set out over a number of documents and reference materials, and understanding the terms often requires expert knowledge.

We’ve developed an operational matrix that sets out the key performance indicators that assess your contract performance against operational targets. As a leader in the field of contract management, we leverage our expertise across many sectors to add value to your projects, ensuring risks are managed and value is maximised.

Vercity’s Operational Matrix presents each element of your obligations in one format, so you will have a clear understanding of your current performance and where improvements may be needed. With Vercity managing expectations from all sides, you can be confident that you’re delivering optimal performance.

We seek to break down the challenges you face and clearly articulate what you need to make improvements. In turn, this will strengthen your relationships with stakeholders, third parties and respective clients.

Make confident decisions with the right metrics and reporting systems

With a breadth of knowledge across our portfolio, we have the expertise and the tools to improve your understanding of your contractual obligations. We seek to break down the challenges you face and clearly articulate what you need to make improvements. In turn, this will strengthen your relationships with stakeholders, third parties and respective clients.

At Vercity, we provide comprehensive Contract Health Check packages that provide you with a breakdown of the metrics you need to monitor to meet the terms of your engagement. In implementing a robust reporting process, we can help you capture data that will lead to confident decision making. We can review expected business and shareholder cashflows to guide your investment activities in the future.

Our reports cover key operational and commercial considerations and can include health & safety matters, operational structure, service efficiency, cashflows, compliance, ratings, market intelligence and supply chain considerations. With Vercity as your partner, you can look forward to automated workflows, real-time KPI monitoring and graphically rich information that will enable more effective analysis of your performance.

Optimal contract performance for optimal outcomes

The way in which your operational contracts are delivered is key to managing risk, protecting your investments, ensuring compliance, improving performance and protecting the physical condition of your assets.

Over the years, we’ve established effective approaches to prevent and resolve issues with positive outcomes. In monitoring your operational contract performance, we’ll identify opportunities to improve efficiency, minimise issues, avoid disputes and eliminate unnecessary renewals.

In providing comprehensive, tailored guidance, we’ll provide a clear framework for optimising your performance. We can help you define your lifecycle cost model, develop strategic partnerships and set out asset strategies. You’ll benefit from optimised value that identifies, manages and mitigates risk while achieving cost certainty.

Assessing quality and service delivery standards

A key element of contract compliance is the ability to assess the quality of the services delivered and review the associated costs. By reviewing both these elements, we can determine the relative value for money of your facilities management and other supply chain services.

In turn, this helps you identify best practice and whether the services are aligned with the market. Being able to demonstrate value is often required for both internal and external governance.

Following a structured approach, we can review and report on areas such as authority inspections, service provider and special purpose vehicle (SPV) performance.

Improve your contract performance, optimise your returns

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