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Peterborough Health Improvement Plan : SPV Management

Through successful collaboration, our ‘One-Team Partnership’ identified £1m in cost savings in a single year, leading to the project winning the prestigious PPP Partnerships’ ‘Judges Choice’ Award in 2020.



Key Stakeholders

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Property Services and Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Original Investment Value


The project

The Greater Peterborough Health Improvement Project (GPHIP) is a £351m project that saw the building of a new Peterborough City Hospital, a City Care Centre and the Cavell Centre for Mental Health services, which opened in 2010. The project has significantly improved the health and well-being of a rapidly growing and changing population in Peterborough and provides an outstanding example of what PPPs can achieve when public and private sectors work together.


This project is a joint venture between three NHS Trusts and the management service agreement (MSA) is delivered by Vercity. Working in partnership with Progress Health, the project is one of the most complex multi-party PPP Partnerships in the UK. By implementing effective processes and procedures, Vercity helps deliver better financial returns and influences effective decision making. In understanding the asset costs and analysing budgets, the project benefits from cost certainty over its’ full term.

Peterborough Hospital


Vercity’s award-winning collaborative working creates a positive impact for the public sector while maintaining investor returns. From initially requiring ‘assisted negotiation’ with independent QCs, to truly working as a ‘One-Team Partnership’, this project has experienced a dramatic turnaround. The transformation was realised through facilitated workshops, the co-location of project teams and a genuine commitment to collaborative working.

The result

Our ‘One-Team Partnership’ identified £1m in cost savings, with no reduction in service quality for the financial year April 2019 to March 2020. To date, over £1m in savings have been achieved through various initiatives, including insurance gain-share, variations reviews, facilities management benchmarking and the removal of equipment services. Transporting redundant doors to police tactical training centres significantly reduces waste tonnage costs and benefits other PPP projects at the same time. Our ‘Single-Use Plastic Reduction’ initiative saw the introduction of reusable trays, cups, cutlery, water tins and paper straws at no cost to the public sector, eliminating 1.7m plastic cups and reducing NHS waste tonnage by more than 6 tonnes.

Project impact

The Peterborough hospital project won the PPP Partnerships ‘Judges Choice’ Award in 2020 by demonstrating the true meaning of partnership and what collaboration between the public and private sectors can achieve. It has created significant social impact and benefit for the local community, while finding £1m in cost savings over the course of a single year. This has been possible because of the close working relationships and trust that has been developed amongst all project parties. Vercity encourages all partners to remain committed to enhancing the partnership, as demonstrated by a number of new initiatives being developed to improve the environment across Peterborough City Hospital.

Environmenal Social Governance

The One-Team Partnership has been involved in several ESG initiatives, including Little Miracles, which was nominated by the Peterborough Team and chosen as one of the 3 winners for the Equitix Foundation’s chosen charities. With the support of Medirest, the board funded Christmas meals for all service providers in the run-up to Christmas and provided Christmas trees for all three sites. In collaboration with Tesco and Fareshare, the partnership continues to supply weekly food delivery to a hard hit primary school in Peterborough and families of the school can collect weekly food parcels.

“Our journey has sometimes been difficult. However, we’ve come a long way in a very short period to transform relationships and make necessary changes to make the contract work for all Parties. We aspire to be the best performing PPP in the country. Our ‘One Team Partnership’ provides constructive solutions, generates exciting opportunities for change and creates meaningful and sustainable value enhancements. We’re a real-life example of what can be achieved through Partnership and our patients are benefitting from it”.

Eric Fehily
Trust Director of Estates

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