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Business Planning

Every successful business is founded on a plan. In outlining your goals and objectives, you can develop an execution strategy and deliver on it effectively. We understand that business planning takes time and resource, that’s why at Vercity, we can help you build the foundations of a successful business and plan for future growth.

Our business planning capabilities are comprehensive, yet flexible to the needs of your service operations. In collaborating with your executive teams and stakeholders, we can document your plan, validate your business model and help you realise your vision.

Robust planning process

Vercity has developed a robust planning process to drive your business idea forward. Our senior finance team will work alongside your board of directors while consulting with our in-house team of experts.

Some of the key features of our process includes reviewing your plan, providing high value guidance and facilitating a planning session with your team to develop a framework for the future.

Our comprehensive, yet flexible approach will help you formulate a long-term strategy, set operational objectives and continuously monitor your performance. With Vercity as your partner, we’ll unlock the potential within your business.

By developing a financial model that reflects your business dynamics, you’ll have greater control over the future of your business and increased freedoms.

Modelling financial assumptions

We use financial modelling to forecast your performance and validate your assumptions. At Vercity, we have a team that includes mathematicians and qualified modellers with corporate finance advisory backgrounds, who can build long-range modelling tools, tailored to your needs.

In reviewing your contractual framework, we can ensure that contracts are appropriately reflected in your plan. We can review your current operating framework and past financial performance to gather insights into what the future may hold.

We’ll prepare a profit and loss account, balance sheet, cashflow statement and supporting schedules. We’ll also agree sensitivity assumptions with your executive team and model these to provide you with insight on the financial consequences of different outcomes. By developing a financial model that reflects your business dynamics, you’ll have greater control over the future of your business and increased freedoms.

Managing stakeholder relationships

Key to successful business planning is ensuring that all parties share the same vision. At Vercity, we understand that managing stakeholder relationships can be challenging, that’s why we’ll take the time to understand the motivations of all parties.

Investing effort in the early stages of your business will ensure a smooth process moving forward. We realise that some business plans can have complex arrangements of stakeholders and require careful management from an experienced team.

Our capabilities enable us to use intelligent, joined-up thinking to appropriately communicate with and relate to each party. With our partnership, you’ll benefit from a human approach to stakeholder management that seeks to understand individual interests.

Breadth of experience

Through effective financial leadership, we’ll ensure your business plan is realised by aligning your objectives with your outcomes. We have a breadth of skills across our financial management portfolio with the expertise to guide your plan effectively.

Our team come from a variety of sector backgrounds and have a range of professional qualifications that make Vercity a leading consultancy in business planning and financial management. In providing you with financial leadership and planning support, you’ll feel confident that you have control over the financial future of your business.

With over two decades of business knowledge and expertise, we can help you develop a plan that will steer your company, anticipate challenges and deliver positive outcomes.

Build the foundations of a successful business

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