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Construction Management

At Vercity, we understand the challenges that real estate and social infrastructures face. We realise there’s a need to continuously adapt environments to support changing user requirements, practices, legislative compliance and future proofing.

To meet these challenges, you need the efficient delivery of specific packages of construction work, whilst supporting an active operational asset. Construction work needs to have a minimal impact on daily operations and has to be delivered on time, within budget and to the agreed specification.

Our construction management service can support you in the delivery of a wide range of individual packages of work. With public authorities keen to ensure issues are properly addressed, you need a partner that will provide active site management and value for money. We’ll give you confidence in the delivery of discrete work packages, while mitigating risks.

Minimising disruption to people, services and systems

At Vercity, we can manage many concurrent and consecutive work stages. Our specialist project managers are experts at managing small, yet complex packages of work.

In working closely with building occupants and other personnel, we can carefully manage everyone’s interests while ensuring minimum disruption to services and systems. With Vercity managing expectations from all sides, you can be confident that you are receiving optimal value for money and delivering optimal performance.

As your construction management partner, you will gain insights into efficient management strategies that motivate personnel, help progress projects and overcome obstacles.

Repair, refurbishing, replacing, remodelling

In providing a transparent service, you will feel reassured that your projects budgets are being accurately and efficiently controlled. Our construction management skills can relate to a number of essential work packages, including:

  • Refurbishment, including condition and defects works
  • Replacing building elements
  • Remodelling internal areas
  • New buildings and extensions

Whatever the project scope, you’ll benefit from consistent, high-quality work across the board, ensuring you meet your contractual and legislative obligations. Through our joined-up thinking, you will gain more control over the end product and have the opportunity to create more value across your assets.

Our experience and capabilities ensure that from the outset the potential threats associated with your construction projects are understood and properly managed.

Managing risk and health & safety

In adopting a systematic approach, we will identify, assess and control risk factors by putting early preventative measures in place. We will also provide assurance around your HSEQ and asset management obligations, whilst delivering these complex activities.

Our experience and capabilities ensure that from the outset the potential threats associated with your construction projects are understood and properly managed.

Working effectively with stakeholders and the supply chain, we will connect the dots between effective construction delivery, and risk mitigation and health & safety.

Deliver construction projects with confidence

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