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Comprehensive Financial Management for Renewable Energy Projects

Optimise shareholder returns while protecting your investment

We join all the dots to deliver exceptional value and investor confidence. From construction, through operations, to divestment, Vercity’s experienced project financial management team understand the issues a renewable energy project will face – and how to put the right measures in place to protect project performance.

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Reasons why you can trust Vercity’s Renewables Project Financial Management.

Bespoke financial Management services built around your business structure:

We will ensure that your cashflow is carefully managed throughout the project lifecycle from construction to operations.

  • Focus on efficiency in working capital management
  • Loan drawdown management
  • Development of distributions policy fully aligned with lender requirements and shareholder priorities
  • Integrated approach to forecasting key risks that may materially impact cashflow
  • Forecasting tax payments and working with tax advisors to ensure these are compliant and timely

We’ll work with you to develop and maintain positive relationships with all project lenders and stakeholders.

  • Proactive reporting to lenders fully aligned with contractual requirements
  • Investment in understanding all key stakeholder issues and shaping messages appropriately
  • Mapping stakeholder relationships in order to develop engagement strategies
  • Support in shareholder restructuring, refinancing and more

Our team of experienced Chartered Accountants effectively manage the financial reporting on your project to support directors in key decision making.

  • Strong control environment with a focus on fast and accurate reporting
  • Statutory accounts preparation and audit process management at company and investor level across your portfolio
  • Compliance with accounting standards including horizon scanning for new technical developments
  • Management of tax compliance process coordinating with external advisers

We have an experienced in-house team of professionally-qualified company secretaries who offer a comprehensive service. The broad range of governance disciplines we cover include:

  • Maintenance of company statutory books
  • Preparation of board resolutions
  • Due diligence of corporate records
  • Support for capital restructuring and refinancing initiatives
  • Arrangement and minuting of statutory board meetings
  • Implementation of corporate policies and risk register management

Our professionally qualified modellers, with corporate finance advisory backgrounds, will use financial modelling to forecast your performance and validate your assumptions.

  • Best practice approaches to ensure transparency, flexibility and accuracy
  • Independent reviews and audits and process management
  • Strong controls over inputs to ensure clear audit trail and maintain integrity
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis focused on key risk exposures

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“The Vercity team has year after year shown understanding of the business, high attention to detail, high quality in the deliverables and overall proactiveness in the everyday. It is a pleasure to be working with them on Walney Extension.”

Nadia D’Ippolito
Director, AIP Management

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Renewables team credentials

The Vercity renewables team delivers a financial service for 35 statutory entities, which have a combined outstanding external debt balance of around £3bn. The total capacity of the underlying renewable energy investments in operation or development is 5.5 Gigawatts, enough to power over 4 million homes. Vercity provides expert financial management services to venture capital and private equity investors and to commercial organisations in the UK and globally. In this competitive marketplace, we’re focused on protecting your business and its stakeholders, while seeking to enhance your returns.

We have the professional expertise and capacity to provide a comprehensive range of financial management services across different sectors and investment types. As your financial management partner, we can enhance the value of your assets through compliance, accounting and tax efficiencies, commercial initiatives and innovation.

Clare Thomas

Clare Thomas

Head of Finance

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Alison Rennie

Alison Rennie

Finance Manager

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Callum Reid

Callum Reid

Finance Manager

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Sarah Strachan

Sarah Strachan

Finance Manager

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Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Finance Manager

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Mark Widdows

Mark Widdows

Finance Manager

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