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Vercity’s mission is to deliver exceptional value and client confidence through the intelligent management of infrastructure and corporate assets. We’re collaborative, pragmatic and adaptable in our approach to projects. As fresh-thinking problem solvers, we sculpt our strategic, financial, technical and commercial services to meet your needs. With a diverse portfolio of clients, including public and private sector investors and asset managers, we have a global reach, stretching from the UK to North America and the USA. In influencing progressive change, we achieve maximum societal and environmental impact.

Transformational project leadership

Bringing positive change to your business

For over two decades, Vercity has been successfully managing assets for clients. We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise that stretches across many sectors, enabling us to provide joined-up thinking that will guide your project success. From project inception, through to handback, our leadership will enhance your offerings and influence the commitment of stakeholders and your supply chain. Together, we can achieve your objectives and meet all contractual obligations. With thorough planning, reporting and performance monitoring, we can help you navigate uncertainty and operate with confidence.

Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, Canada

Major infrastructure and real estate projects with societal impact

Delivering life-enhancing projects

We have a proven track record of delivering societal impact across built environment projects. Our success is acknowledged in the number of awards we win every year in this dynamic industry. In developing your critical infrastructure, we can help you deliver safe, reliable and sustainable projects that benefit the wider community. Through proactive engagement, we can help you strengthen your existing initiatives and contribute to the health and wellbeing of your local areas. All the while, you’ll be able to demonstrate to your own investors and stakeholders that your initiatives are delivering real value.

Vercity Sustainability and Resilience Report – October 2022

The art of possible

We’ll help you achieve your vision

Our expertise in the provision of project finance ensures that all stakeholders receive the return they expect from their business ventures. We’re an experienced team from a range of backgrounds and a depth of knowledge. In sharing best practice across our portfolio, you’ll gain valuable learning from over twenty years of supporting project finance initiatives. Our proactive approach will provide you with peace of mind that you’re receiving value for money and that your risks are managed and mitigated.

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We have a strong sense of who we are as a company and what we stand for. In delivering transformational leadership, we sculpt our services to protect your investments and drive performance for maximum societal and environmental impact.

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Global Reach

From the UK to Canada and the USA, we make projects happen with enthusiasm, energy and passion. Our global reach enables us to deliver exceptional work across continents.

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As the largest SPV manager of public-private partnership assets by size and value, we’ve experienced rapid growth in recent years. In providing exceptional value and client confidence, we continue our legacy of delivering successful projects and enhanced returns.

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Over the years, Vercity has won numerous awards for its financial, asset and operational management, as well as its environmental social governance and partnership working. Across all sectors, we get the most out of public-private partnerships.

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BS ISO 55001:2014 Certified

Vercity is proud to be the first Management Services Provider (MSP) within the social infrastructure and PFI/PPP sphere to be certified to BS ISO 55001:2014 (Asset management Systems). This external certification applies to the Company’s asset management system and covers the management of various built asset types across a portfolio of over 100 projects.

Vercity also achieved formal certification with BSI to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) during Q2 of 2022.  This success demonstrates Vercity’s committed to ensuring our services are delivered in accordance with contractual requirements and in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and verifies that we are continually striving to improve our systems and arrangements for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders alike.

If you require a copy of our current Certificates of Registration, or our HSEQ Policies, contact

Prompt Payment Code

Vercity is committed to paying all of its supply chain partners on time and to mutually agreed terms. It remains focussed in its efforts to do so; continually developing its processes and procedures to improve its payment performance and enhance accuracy and transparency.
Vercity is a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code.

We encourage all our suppliers to adopt the Code which undertakes to ensure suppliers are; paid on time, given clear payment guidance, and good practice regarding paying suppliers is encouraged throughout the supply chain.

We engage in proactive communications with suppliers to ensure all information is included that is required to pay an invoice. This information is made available here and to all new suppliers. We also ensure any invoice queries are raised with the supplier promptly so payment is made within the agreed time.

Vercity monitors payment statistics, and as part of our commitment to continuously improve our payment performance our finance teams work with the business to understand where issues occur and develop ways to remedy these if they occur.

We implement regular reporting to senior management on payment performance so unresolved issues are escalated and appropriate action is taken to resolve and help ensure payment is made within the agreed time.

As a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code, Vercity will voluntarily submit its supply chain payment data semi-annually in July and January. These payment practice reports will be published on the government’s website.