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Vercity provides a range of financial management and consultancy services. Our comprehensive, yet flexible approach can provide a clear framework for optimising your assets. We can help you define your lifecycle cost model, develop strategic partnerships and set out asset strategies. With Vercity as your partner, you’ll benefit from optimised value that identifies, manages and mitigates risk while achieving cost certainty.

We work across complex facilities and contractual arrangements, bringing over two decades of knowledge and expertise to your business. By providing insights across multiple sectors, we convert valuable lessons into new opportunities. Our proactive management approach will provide peace of mind that decisions are delivering value for money and assurance on performance.

SPV Management

Mitigate your risk and optimise your returns

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) play an essential role in the efficient operation of investments. With today’s increasingly stringent regulations, you need an SPV management company that can provide effective governance, increased oversight and transparent reporting. Working within a tried-and-tested framework that’s externally accredited to ISO standards, enables us to deliver an optimal service that provides you with an optimal return.

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Contract Expiry and Transition

Many Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the UK are nearing contract expiry.

These assets will need to handback to the public sector in good condition, with plans established for the provision of services thereafter. Managing contract expiry and transition to the new arrangements needs the right inputs and a focus on what really matters to the stakeholders.

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Project Management

Deliver positive change across your business

We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise that stretches across many sectors, enabling us to provide intelligent, joined-up thinking. Our project management will deliver positive change for your business, project success and assured management of assets. In influencing the commitment of all stakeholders, your supply chain and professional team, we’ll help you achieve your objectives and navigate uncertainty to achieve the best outcomes.

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Financial Management

Protect your assets, enhance your returns

We provide expert financial management services to venture capital funds, private equity investors and commercial organisations in the UK and globally. In this competitive marketplace, we’re focused on protecting your business and its stakeholders, while seeking to enhance your returns. As your financial management partner, we can enhance the value of your assets through compliance, accounting and tax efficiencies, commercial initiatives and innovation.

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Estates Management

Add value to your assets, achieve your outcomes

Through careful planning and evaluation, our estates management services support the delivery of your lifecycle management goals and objectives. In mapping out a framework, we’ll identify where value can be added in your business and where investment is required to achieve optimal outcomes. We’ll take the time to understand your asset costs and analyse your budgets, so you’ll benefit from cost consistency over the long-term.

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Commercial Management

Deliver your contracts with confidence

Over the last few years, there has been increased emphasis on robust commercial management to help administer PFI and PPP contracts. Historically, these projects have relied on central resources to deal with specific issues. We have an experienced commercial management team that can support all aspects of these contracts, particularly contractual deliverables, notices, payment mechanism application and dispute resolution.

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ESG Advisory Services

Develop an ESG strategy, enhance your value

We understand the challenges organisations face in initiating ESG ideas and establishing the systems required to provide evidence of their activities. In developing measurable and effective ESG strategies and policies, we can help you make progress toward implementing internationally recognised principles for responsible investment. Together, we can meet the challenges of delivering renewable energy initiatives and implementing diversity and inclusion practices within your company.

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Clean Energy (Advisory)

Maximise your value, meet your ESG obligations

We realise that potential investors and asset owners may not have the depth of knowledge to optimise their approach to sustainability and carbon reduction targets. We understand the challenge of choosing technologies that are the best fit for an asset. As a leader in the field of asset management within the built environment, we can help you identify the most efficient routes to achieving these goals.

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