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Bentilee HUB: SPV Management

Bentilee Hub delivers a number of valuable neighbourhood and healthcare facilities to the local community, with each having a positive impact upon the surrounding area and its people. Vercity’s role on this project includes the management of lifecycle works and day-to-day liaison with the local council to ensure that all stakeholders can fully benefit from the facility.


Social Housing

Key Stakeholders

Stoke-on-Trent City Council


Original Investment Value


The project

The Neighbourhood Centre/Hub commenced in 2007 and follows the private finance initiative (PFI) model. This project provides council services, incorporating a library, youth centre and community room plus NHS Primary Care services that include a GP Practice and dental services, which coupled with ten onsite retail units, creates a safe place where local people can come together.

Hard facilities management (FM) services are delivered by Seddon, with soft FM services provided by Pinnacle.


Vercity’s aim is to ensure that Stoke-on-Trent City Council receives value for money and first-class facilities management services. We ensure that planned works are targeted to meet contractual requirements, thus protecting the client from undue risk and enabling the asset to perform as expected.

By carrying out robust lifecycle work reviews, we can ringfence strategic fund allocations and meet all cost expectations. Our tried and tested Enhanced Lifecycle Planning Review process enables us to evaluate FM subcontractor outputs and deliver validated recommendations that can help improve future activity.

rock climbing at Bentilee Hub


Vercity’s comprehensive monitoring processes ensures the FM providers meet their contractual and legislative obligations on time and to the highest standard.   Additionally, our Consultancy management and assurance framework ensure that we take full responsibility for the overall delivery and management of the project.

Our team of internal specialists advise on the commercial, technical, and financial elements of the project, with the results being the delivery of better financial returns and cost certainty over the project’s full term.

Management of the retail units involves close and regular liaison with the retailers regarding any issues raised and ensuring rental payments are received promptly.  The team monitor rental payments managed by Butters John Bee. Energy performance certificates are procured as required.  As leases become due for renewal the Team negotiate the terms with the retailers in agreement with the Authority, this involves interaction with legal services to produce rental agreements.  The retailers can have conflicting priorities with the centre and the team act as a facilitator to resolve any issues which may arise.  The retail units consist of predominantly small local businesses. There is also the Dougie Mac charity shop and two major retailers, Boots and Coral.

Environmental Social Governance

The Centre was also instrumental in providing COVID testing and vaccinations during the pandemic.

In keeping with our ESG principles, Vercity (alongside other project stakeholders) has been involved in activities to support Dougie Mac, a local charity that provides palliative care.  Donations were made to the event which involved a rock climbing wall (pictured)!

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