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Facilities Management Advisory

Many facilities management (FM) providers are large institutions managing infrastructure and systems that are complex. In a competitive and ever-changing market, it can be challenging to know who to speak to for the specific services you need.

At Vercity, we offer impartial support that can improve the standard of your current facilities management. In operating our portfolio of projects over two decades, we have developed intuitive knowledge of the marketplace and the services delivered within it. We recognise the strengths and weaknesses in FM providers and understand their service costs and performance issues.

With Vercity as your facilities management advisor, we’ll take the time to develop an understanding of your strategic, operational and commercial positions. In engaging with and analysing all operational issues, we will develop a service that’s tailored to your needs.

Benchmarking performance

In benchmarking the performance of facilities management providers, we can review your service contracts and specifications using a robust approach. In developing a comparator list, you’ll have an overview of standards and costs that will help you make informed contracting and operational decisions.

As part of our evaluation criteria, we’ll look at quality standards and assess the value for money you are currently receiving from your provider. Data collection is key to providing accurate benchmarking and we will investigate and analyse our gathered insights to compile reports that make recommendations for improvement.

We can lead negotiations between clients and service providers to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and expectations.

In developing a framework that is tailored to your requirements, we’ll guide your decision-making to ensure you receive the best value on quality and price.

Market testing for best value

Our thorough market testing process can help you develop project briefs, and develop the necessary tender process and documentation.

We can develop a schedule that includes the tendering period, receipt of applications and appraisal procedure. In developing a framework that is tailored to your requirements, we’ll guide your decision-making to ensure you receive the best value on quality and price.

We can assist in awarding contracts and carrying out their execution. In ensuring that the FM services are delivered in accordance with the contract, we will help protect your interests.

FM compliance and performance improvement

Contract compliance is a critical issue in private finance initiatives and an increasing number of projects are experiencing scrutiny from authorities. Combined with the ever-changing facilities management marketplace, many PFI projects are being asked to support large variations within their existing site teams. With these operational challenges, comes the need to meet performance standards and adhere to compliance.

At Vercity, we can assist in addressing performance issues relating to payment mechanisms. As PFI projects head towards expiry, outstanding issues like repairs and maintenance, health & safety and building management will need to be resolved before handback.

In onboarding Vercity as a trusted partner early in the procurement stage, we can assist in the setting up of assets and become part of your operations on on-going basis. In providing you with full visibility throughout our robust processes, you’ll feel confident that your FM provider is delivering what they need to meet all compliance and performance standards.

Improve your facilities management performance

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