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Delivering Project Success

Ensure your public or private projects are effectively managed from inception to completion into operations – properly planned and budgeted, and procured and delivered.

Delivering live environment project confidence

Vercity specialises in the delivery of complex construction projects in live environments, where health and safety and minimal disruption to service are paramount.

  • New buildings and extensions
  • Whole building element replacement
  • Programmes of replacements and repairs
  • Internal space remodelling

Working as an extension of your team to ensure you are receiving optimal value for money and performance

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Our dedicated team of professional consultants have the expertise and experience to take ownership of your project – evaluating feasibility from a strategic, commercial and technical perspective for successful delivery.

  • Manage outstanding acquisition or legal considerations.
  • Ensure all planning and consents have been discharged.
  • Programme works to minimise disruption for business continuity.
  • Engage with stakeholders and interested parties for project success.
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Develop a bespoke framework for each project, speed up your procurement process and effectively manage your cashflows.

  • Support project financing and assisting with funding arrangements.
  • Ensure consideration has been given to the cost of materials and potential shortages in the current climate.
  • Review contingency allowances and arrangements for unplanned events.
  • Support with value engineering in the design or maintenance work stages.


Make the right decisions early in the project planning to minimise future disruptions and maintain long lasting operational resilience in live environments.

  • Embrace innovation through technology and new ways of working.
  • Manage and support infrastructure upgrades and obsolescence for futureproofing.
  • Provide support for revised standards and new legislation.


Set achievable timeframes and budgets for net zero carbon initiatives and energy efficiency measures to help meet targets.

  • Demonstrating ethical business leadership.
  • Championing the latest environmental standards and offering clean energy expertise to enable assets to become greener.
  • Supporting your corporate sustainability strategies.


Ensure the delivery of the best environments for people living and working in your properties, whilst ensuring health, safety and performance legislation and contractual obligations are met.

  • Encouraging collaboration and transparency, whilst showing leadership and being a trusted guide
  • Ensuring that clients and stakeholders receive the best, tailored advice and support in the delivery of the project.
  • Ensuring legislative and contractual obligations meet the expected high standards.


From procurement through to operations, striving for excellence and client satisfaction, with robust quality control.

  • Providing strong leadership and advice to clients and stakeholders.
  • Managing the risks, issues and changes on the project.
  • Maintaining consistent communication and high standards.

Safe, warm and effective. Helping you meet and maintain quality standards.

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Our collaborative project initiation workshop

Joined up thinking from the outset

This highly engaging session is the ideal first step in project planning, resulting in a shared vision of what success looks like. Hosted by one of our specialist Vercity consultants, we bring key team members together – from those managing on site, to those in the board room – to identify and discuss project objectives, challenges and opportunities – and set ambitions for the Project Success Strategy.

Who should attend

All those with an interest in adding value to built assets through the capital planning and lifecycle replacement should attend, especially the decision makers.

  • Estate managers
  • Investment directors
  • Capital planning managers
  • Architects
  • Technical managers
  • Maintenance managers

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Project Rescue

Project issues can quickly escalate, and as a project sponsor, you can find yourself with increasing costs, decreasing revenues, disputes and a damaged reputation. At Vercity, we can assess your project and turn it around with cost-effective intervention.

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