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Project Procurement

At Vercity, we understand the challenges investors face in ensuring procurement is properly conceived and managed. You need a team with the skills and experience to handle the full engagement of potential contract relationships and how best they may be delivered.

We have over two decades of experience in developing procurement strategies and successfully managing the procurement of projects through their various stages. As such, we realise the importance of identifying, selecting and commissioning the right partners to deliver a successful project.

In understanding your strategic, operational and commercial positions, we can structure and manage your procurement to support your interests, mobilisation timescales and value for money.

Developing a clear and solid project brief

The ability to procure any project efficiently begins at the briefing stage. With Vercity as your project manager, we’ll help you develop a clear work scope that will support your requirements and ensure you engage with effective partners.

We will help you define your management plan, your business objectives and processes. In turn, you will benefit from an optimised procurement process that mitigates project delivery risk.

In developing a bespoke framework for each project, we will guide your operations, speed up the procurement process and help you effectively manage your cashflows.

With Vercity guiding your operations, you’ll benefit from intelligent, joined-up thinking that considers all stakeholders’ interests.

Carrying out a robust tender process

Whether in the public or private sector, we can manage your procurement strategy and become part of your ongoing operations. In providing full transparency through a robust process, you will feel confident that you can deliver on your strategic plans.

We know how a successful project needs to be set up. Whether it’s the procurement of construction works, market testing an incumbent provider, understanding the risk profile of the preferred outcomes, or supporting the contractual arrangement, process is key.

With Vercity guiding your operations, you’ll benefit from intelligent, joined-up thinking that considers all stakeholders’ interests.

Assessing value – time, specification, price

Setting an effective procurement process involves assessing timescales, briefing, specifying, and ensuring value for money.

At Vercity, we can provide governance and project controls, so you’ll be able to make informed decisions and deliver more value in your projects.

Awarding effective contracts and engaging partners

Once you have identified your contractors and assessed their value, you need to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and expectations.

At Vercity, we can help ensure that your contracts are solid and set up to deliver contracted services or works successfully. We will ensure that they accurately describe the scope of work, meet all compliance regulations and map out the project deliverables.

Together, we will make it easier for you to run your procurement projects and successfully deliver to your expectations. We can provide access to our other specialist teams across Vercity, ensuring you receive the best advice in a targeted and effective way.

Optimise your procurement, deliver successful projects

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