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Home Office: SPV Management

Vercity provides the management service agreement (MSA) to the Home Office buildings, which has won a number of design awards and delivers significant energy savings against government targets.



Key Stakeholders

Government Property Agency on behalf of AGP plc

Original Investment Value


The project

The Home Office is a prestigious 74,000m2 office building on Marsham Street in the City of Westminster, London. The building houses the Government Departments and Ministers of the Home Office, MCHLG and DEFRA. The private finance initiative (PFI) started in 2002 with the demolition of the previous building. Readiness for occupation of the new site commenced early 2005 and construction was carried out by Bouygues Construction Ltd.


Vercity provides the management service agreement (MSA) to AGP plc, the project company. The contract has a strong focus on contract compliance, ensuring the facilities management (FM) provider, Anne’s Gate Property PLC, delivers its contractual obligations. Working collaboratively with all parties, including the main contractors, ByHome (a subsidiary of Bouygues), and its sub-contractors, Bouygues ES, the project company benefits from intelligent, joined-up thinking that safeguards and steers the company, while successfully managing challenges.

Home Office
Home Office
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Our award-winning, collaborative work on the project creates a positive impact for the public sector while maintaining investor returns. Our established consultancy services provide support to the project teams internally, working with them to deliver a high-quality service to our clients. Due to the nature of its incumbents, the site is often targeted by protestors, so security remains at the forefront of our support services and risk management processes.

The result

The building has exceeded its environmental performance standards since 2007, with all parties focused on sustainability and good environmental initiatives. The number of people using the site as its base has increased from 3,200, to over 4,500, and at times, the site accommodates up to 5,000 people per day. The Office hosts three catering outlets, a beautician salon, sports hall and gymnasium. The development site also accommodated a suite of residential properties, a Tesco supermarket, barber shop and creche.

Project impact

The building has won a number of design awards, including the RIBA Award for Architecture. It delivered 25% energy savings against government targets within the first 5 years of occupation and remains a focal point for the government’s future office strategy. Since 2020, the installation of cycle safety barriers has encouraged a cycling to work strategy, reducing car emissions. The initiative also supports the strategy to move towards electric vehicles.

“The public sector client and the private sector concessionaire have worked together to accommodate a 29% increase in occupancy. This project is a flagship example of the private sector leveraging the partnership model to deliver change and adapt to the public sector’s requirements throughout the life of a concession”

Home Office publication
August 2019

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