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Working within a live education environment often means fast turnaround times and short access windows. At Vercity, we have over two decades’ experience in delivering financial and asset management to the education sector, adding value to projects while ensuring teaching and learning continues uninterrupted. We manage education space at all stages of state provision in the UK from pre-school through to sixth form, including Special Educational Needs (SEN) Provision, and higher education (University of Hertfordshire and Glasgow colleges).

Experience and expertise across the education sector

Vercity understands the needs of asset owners and teaching staff in the education sector and how those assets can be optimised to deliver compliance and value for money. We’re knowledgeable in the diverse funding and management plans of schools, further and higher education institutes. Our teams support facilities providing education to over 160,000 pupils (March 2023).

The education sector faces the ongoing challenge of responding to changing demographics, growing populations and restricted budgets, all while maintaining educational standards. We have a dedicated team who can provide consultancy on projects ranging from planning, through to the delivery of lifecycle works and asset acquisitions.

Vercity has won numerous awards recognising our work in the education sector, including Best Operational Project for QED Leeds PFI Schools at the 2019 Partnerships Awards. Our project teams have led collaborative ESG initiatives with local authorities, schools and service providers throughout the UK to support young people in sports tournaments, work experience and other health and social areas.

We help deliver value and client confidence, while creating benefits for the public sector and the wider communities that education facilities serve.

“The Leeds 10-Schools PPP project is complex, but we work together as partners to enhance the service and work on so many different initiatives to benefit the whole community that it feels like something else… something better… something that’s making a difference in people’s lives”

David Dunning, Senior PPP Officer, Leeds City Council

Cookridge Primary School, Leeds, England.
Cookridge Primary School, Leeds, England.
Image of St. Lukes C of E School, Exeter, England.
St. Lukes C of E School, Exeter, England.
Glasgow City Colleges
Glasgow City Colleges

Adding value with strategic asset management

Through careful planning and evaluation, our strategic asset management supports the delivery of your organisation’s lifecycle goals and objectives. In mapping out a framework, we’ll identify where value can be added and where investment is required to achieve outcomes.

From replacing lighting systems, to ensuring your technology is up-to-date with the latest specifications, we’ll work closely with all parties to ensure minimum disruption to teaching and learning. Our comprehensive, yet flexible approach to asset management means we’ll take the time to listen to your requirements and carefully plan lifecycle works around the needs of your staff, students and learning spaces.

We’ll take the time to understand your asset costs and analyse your budgets, so you’ll benefit from cost consistency over the long-term.

Working together to achieve positive outcomes

In busy education environments, collaboration is key to delivering successful projects. In sharing expertise across our portfolio, you’ll have access to insights from our commercial, technical, lifecycle, finance, and project management teams.

We seek to build long-term relationships that bring value-added benefits to your investments through compliance, accounting and tax efficiencies, commercial initiatives, and innovation.

By providing comprehensive, quality-controlled governance, we can ensure your projects are compliant with all regulations and meet their contractual obligations. Together, we’ll meet any challenge and ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

We’ll ensure that lifecycle works take place out of school hours and during holiday periods, so that teaching and learning can continue as normal.

Delivering asset renewal and replacement with minimal disruption

Planning and managing asset renewal and replacement is one of the most fundamental components of any estate and if not managed well, the fund can expose investors and stakeholders to an increasing amount of risk.

Vercity can help ensure that your expenditure is optimised and your risk exposure is reduced. We can address the relevant technical and financial aspects of a programme, ensuring your asset replacement is properly coordinated, controlled and supported. We’ll ensure that works minimise the impact to pupil education and wherever possible take place out of school hours and during holiday periods, so that teaching and learning can continue as normal.


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Add value to your assets, achieve your outcomes

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