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Statutory Accounts & Audit

At Vercity, we’ll take the time to understand your business and stakeholder positions. In providing active consultancy, our statutory accounts and audit service extends beyond the basic requirements. Overall, this is a positive process that can help future proof your business.

Thorough preparation of statutory accounts

Our team of management accountants can prepare your statutory accounts and manage the statutory audit process at company and investor level, across your portfolio.

We can conduct a range of activities, including the preparation of financial statements and disclosure requirements, the drafting of the strategic and directors’ reports, and the preparation of business case papers. In managing your statutory accounts, we’ll ensure that all the fundamentals are in place to allow an audit to take place efficiently and without disruption to the business

At Vercity, our accountants receive regular updates and training on new and changing accounting and auditing standards. This ensures that your draft statutory accounts and audit process meets the auditor requirements, reduces the opportunity for additional audit fee’s and achieves the business’s statutory and contractual sign off dates. We can arrange the approval and filing of interim and statutory accounts at Companies House and at the London Stock Exchange.

Efficient management of the statutory audit process

Preparing for a statutory audit can feel like an overwhelming task. We can take the pressure off by organising and managing the full audit process and ensuring that all documentation is delivered to the auditors and the boards on schedule.

In providing a review of the audit findings, we can make qualitative assessments, enhance your decision making and increase your profitability.

By being at the forefront of financial disclosure and auditing standards, we can pre-empt the impact of any changes on your business.

Robust processes and established relationships

Vercity has developed good relationships with many auditing firms, including all of the top-tier and a significant number of lower-tier firms. In ensuring that each party has a solid understanding of what makes an efficient process, we can help you deliver your statutory obligations on time and within budget.

We have several expert groups like our accounting group, that can help guide the statutory accounting process. By being at the forefront of financial disclosure and auditing standards, we can pre-empt the impact of any changes on your business.

As part of our process, we will critically review the application of key accounting standards. Rather than following a rigid and predictable application, we evaluate an appropriate business case application that allows you to optimize your cashflows. We are flexible in how we approach statutory accounting and auditing and we actively look for opportunities to optimise your returns.

Managing stakeholder relationships

We understand that statutory accounting and auditing processes need to complement the interests of stakeholders. We realise that managing third parties can be challenging, that is why our team will take the time to plan and gather all relevant information and requirements from individuals ahead of time.

Our statutory accountants are experienced managers of teams, both in-house and externally. They have access to a range of specialist expert services across our portfolio, including, tax management, financial modelling, strategic financial management and capital management.

At Vercity, we have invested significantly behind IT to support the preparation of the statutory accounts and also to support the digital filing requirements. With access to these resources, we can influence stakeholders while managing expectations.

Futureproof your business, optimise your returns

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