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Enhanced Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle fund is one of the most fundamental components for the strategic asset management of any estate, whether that’s planning against budget for the public sector, optimizing value for the private sector, or ensuring the most effective delivery on a PPP project. If not managed well, the fund can expose investors and stakeholders to an increasing amount of risk.

Through continuous, active management, Vercity can help ensure that your expenditure is optimised and your risk exposure is reduced. Using industry-leading techniques, we can address the relevant technical and financial aspects of a project, ensuring your asset replacement programmes are properly coordinated, controlled and supported.

Continuous dynamic management from a specialist team

With Vercity as your Enhanced Lifecycle Management (ELM) partner, you will be able to make informed decisions about your assets’ whole life performance.

Our ELM team’s cross sector knowledge, and ability to apply fresh thinking to your specific project challenges, makes us a valuable extension of your team. Our collaborative approach also enables us to call upon in-house specialist support to ensure you receive the highest quality insights to enable the implementation of the best value actions.

We continuously build on the experience and expertise of the team by capturing best practice, disseminating lessons learnt, and formulating new strategies. In identifying issues early, we can help mitigate the risk of obsolescence, unavailability and budget overspend.

Or approach is innovative; we bring insights from the intelligent use of data and we provide enhanced services through the skills and expertise of our team.

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Better data capture for better insights

Data capture is essential in gaining insights into your project’s whole lifecycle. Without it, you risk having out of date intelligence, uncoordinated records and a lack of information from which to make decisions and strengthen your portfolio.

At Vercity, we have a structured approach to data capture, where digital records are consistently maintained throughout your asset’s lifecycle.

We also provide solid data security, so you can rest assured that your information will be safe and compliant with all regulations

Robust lifecycle fund management

We manage short term expenditure via annual and rolling five-year forecasts based on full life data capture. In turn, this ensures that insights are based on your project history as well as your current activities, helping to inform your assets’ future.

You can be assured that applicable insights from the portfolio we manage will be used to inform our work on your projects. In delivering a planned programme, your asset performance can be tracked and adapted as necessary to meet your objectives.

In cases where there are surplus funds, we can ensure that savings are properly evidenced to support any third-party approvals. We carry out due diligence to support approval by shareholders, debt providers and procuring authorities, based on verifiable, robust and authentic analysis.

Through ongoing engagement, our specialist team will assist in quantifying and articulating risks to optimise value and support management decisions. We use financial modelling to assess the impact of your asset’s lifecycle model against ratios and distributions.

Vercitys Obsolescence Management Group (OMG) has been created to enhance our strategic support, ensuring the longevity of your existing and new assets.

Properly managed capital planning

Every lifecycle model makes assumptions regarding the number of replacements each asset will require throughout the course of the concession. Vercity will do the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons. We challenge replacement assumptions with alternative maintenance and refurbishment options. We consider the needs and experience of the end users while considering the sustainable use of the asset.

Vercitys Obsolescence Management Group (OMG) has been created to enhance our strategic support, ensuring the longevity of your existing and new assets. In identifying the need to purchase critical spares for assets that are due to become unsupported, we can mitigate the risk of unavailability. We can identify the need to purchase replacement assets, based on predicted support timescales.

Through proper development and management of your capital plans, we’ll ensure your asset is protected and that the asset owners and associated stakeholders are confident that the lifecycle plans are optimal, robust and deliverable.

Optimise your asset and protect its future

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