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Vercity’s technical team cover a broad spectrum. Over the years, our service has evolved from asset management support to providing technical services for operational projects and compliance.

We provide support to all projects throughout our managed portfolio, drawing from our knowledge and experience across a range of sectors.

Cross sector expertise

With a background in asset and risk management, we have technical expertise that will enhance the value of your assets. We work across complex facilities and contractual arrangements, bringing a unique depth of knowledge that has the potential for financial optimisation.

Our technical services are driven by risk management techniques that enable us to identify issues early and take appropriate action to ensure compliance with regulations.

We have a proven track record across a range of sectors, including the built environment, heavy industry, transport and utilities.

A team that understands risk

As an investor in this competitive market, you need to actively ensure that your obligations are delivered to the letter of the contract and that your assets are managed in accordance with statutory compliance and best practice drawn from across sectors. In working with Vercity, we’ll ensure that your asset performance is optimised and your risk is reduced.

Underpinned by our Technical Services Support Group (TSSG), our expertise includes operational and asset management staff from all sectors. Through our centralised reporting system, we can capture technical issues live. We share data across our portfolio so that we leverage operational experience, ensuring that risks are mitigated and preventative measures can be implemented immediately.

As well as supporting your operational projects, our technical offerings are available on a consultancy basis. Our expertise can therefore be leveraged for other purposes within the built environment.

Defect and technical investigation

When investigating technical issues, we evade blame culture, eliminate commercial barriers and avoid posturing. It’s our sole focus to identify the root cause of an issue, explore solutions and to take the most effective remedial action.

We understand complex contractual structures as well as technical processes, so you can rest assured that we will always act in your best interest.

As part of our technical investigations, we can conduct compliance auditing, defect and technical evaluations, including the identification and deployment of clean energy solutions, to support your carbon reduction targets.

We identify and deploy innovative technologies that support effective ways of working, including digital, drone, thermal, environmental monitoring.

Identifying and deploying new technologies

Through our understanding of complex asset management, we provide reassurance that your operational and compliance risks are mitigated.

In our pursuit of continual technical improvement, we identify and deploy innovative technologies that support effective ways of working, including digital, drone, thermal, environmental monitoring.

At Vercity, we embrace new ideas and continually look to implement systems and workflows that will strengthen your investments.

Reduce risk and enhance the value of your assets

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