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Clean Energy Advisory

We realise that potential investors and asset owners may not have the depth of knowledge to optimise their approach to sustainability and carbon reduction targets. Likewise, we understand the challenge of choosing technologies that are the best fit for an asset.

As a leader in the field of asset management within the built environment, we can help you identify the most efficient routes to achieving these goals. We leverage our expertise across the clean energy and sustainability sectors to add value to your projects, ensuring risks are managed and value is maximised.

Understanding routes to Net Zero carbon emissions

Our two decades of experience in asset management, combined with our expertise in energy generation and strategy, help us identify routes to achieving clean energy and carbon reduction targets.

With the UK Government target to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050, infrastructure owners face the challenge of developing and implementing strong ESG strategies for their assets. This challenge is driven by governments, has widespread social and political support, and should be faced head on.

In identifying the most effective routes to achieving zero carbon targets, we can help you develop a robust strategy and choose the best resources and technologies to optimise the financial performance of your investment and increase your net asset value.

In adopting Net Zero and ESG strategies now, you’ll be able to realise cost-efficiencies in the future and benefit from the credibility of being recognised as climate friendly.

Optimising sustainability and Net Zero performance

Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) is one of seventeen goals established by the United Nations in 2015. Its purpose is to encourage urgent action to combat climate change and its impact by 2030.

Whereas many organisations understand the need to take action, some are unsure as to how to progress their strategies or where the differences lie between energy saving and carbon neutrality.

Vercity can actively manage your assets, optimise your sustainability and Net Zero performance and assist you in realising increased ESG value. In adopting Net Zero and ESG strategies now, you’ll be able to realise cost-efficiencies in the future and benefit from the credibility of being climate friendly.

Responding to social expectation and technology changes

As society comes to expect climate-friendly organisations, you need a partner who will keep up to date with the latest technologies required to meet Net Zero and sustainability targets.

In taking the time to understand your needs, we can advise on how to communicate your ESG principles to your wider community and stakeholders. This will include implementing robust governance processes that will ensure you deliver on your environmental obligations and provide evidence of this.

Vercity has invested in people, business systems and procedures that will provide you with solid opportunities to gain competitive advantage and drive your decision-making at all levels. In continuously seeking out the latest  technologies, we can make recommendations that will add monetary value as well as environmental and social credibility to your investments, and ensure that you have a solid optimisation plan in place to futureproof your assets.

Maximise your value and meet your ESG obligations

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