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Supporting Public Sector Transition

For public sector bodies the transition planning out of PFI or PPP after handback presents a number of challenges and opportunities. Alongside managing the contract expiry, establishing what is needed for the future and putting it in place requires a range of skills and expertise. Vercity’s experience working for both the private sector and the public sector, and in bringing the two together, can play a vital role in supporting the public sector as facilities move into a new phase of operation.

Managing expiry

Where a handback survey is to be undertaken, the appointed surveyor should carry a duty of care to the Public Sector Authority and the Project Company. To ensure that all parties accept responsibility for the outcomes, we engage on the procurement process and appointment criteria to ensure everyone has confidence in those appointed for the survey. We will support the surveyor throughout their work, keep close to any practical challenges and resolve any issues as they arise.

Once the survey is complete we review the results and establish what needs to be delivered, how and by whom. Our technical and commercial skills ensure this is planned in the most effective manner.

The survey is an important part of the expiry process, to establish the condition of assets and any works required for public sector transition management. There will be various other items that need to be considered, which we address with an agreed handback plan. These can include the transfer of personnel, documentation, stock, equipment and warranties. We can mediate between parties as an honest broker to find a fair route to value for all and ensure the agreed position is appropriately documented, supporting the public sector body as they prepare for the future.

Future planning

It is important for all parties that the future of the built asset continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. To deliver the future strategy effectively, it is essential to maintain a collaborative approach with all the project parties. Discussions may revolve around four typical post-expiry scenarios.

  • In-house service delivery
  • Procurement of new services
  • Extension of existing services
  • Investing and adapting

In many cases, a combination of options can provide the best outcome. At Vercity, we use our expertise and understanding of transition management to ensure that the future of an asset is properly considered. We will bring out knowledge to assessing strategy and then implementing the arrangements, understanding the needs of the end users against the available budget to optimise the specification. We can then advise further and manage the required transition planning and procurement options to help achieve best value from the process.

Managing transition

Once the future strategy has been established and procured we can manage the transition implementation and delivery, including the mobilisation of any incoming contractor or major works planned.

With the new arrangements in place we monitor outcomes and performance using our established procedures and skilled people. We give assurance to the public sector body on how the new arrangements are working and highlight areas where more focus may be needed to achieve the required outcomes.

Understanding assets and future needs to support a seamless transition

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