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Facilities Management Contract Expiry and Transition

In a PFI or PPP contract expiry the Facilities Management organisation is a key party. Managing the expiry process with surveys, works programmes, data and document transfer and potentially TUPE all need to be appropriately resourced and the skills needed are unlikely to be embedded in the existing contract team.


If a new contract has been awarded then the transition from the existing contract to the new contract may need new systems, processes and reporting methodology. In either case Vercity’s technical and commercial specialists can support the activity needed for Facilities Management Contract Expiry and Transition.


Where a handback survey is to be undertaken prior to contract expiry, the appointed surveyor will often be acting for the Contracting Authority and/or the Project Company. It is still important for the Facilities Manager to be involved in the discussions about scope and appointment, so that the outcomes are better understood and more likely to be accepted.

Once the survey is complete we can review the results and establish what needs to be delivered, how and by whom. Understanding the risk balance between the Special Purpose Vehicle and the Facilities Management company is important, and our technical and commercial skills will ensure this is planned in the most effective manner.

Alongside the survey there will be various other items that need to be considered, which we address with an agreed handback plan. These can include the transfer of personnel, documentation, stock, equipment and warranties. We can mediate between parties as an honest broker to find a fair route to value for all and ensure the agreed position is appropriately documented.


Where the Facilities Manager is being retained under a new contract after the PFI/PPP expiry there will be changes in contract scope, risk and reporting. Understanding what the parties have agreed to, communicating that to the teams delivering services, and developing a strategy for the transition will be important success factors. Vercity has significant experience of reviewing contract requirements and supporting the measures needed to comply with them and demonstrate that compliance. Our teams can support the transition to the new arrangements and give comfort to all stakeholders that the new contract is being implemented.

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