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Transport Infrastructure

Vercity recognises the need for cost-effective and reliable transport infrastructures that provides safety and value. Our team of sector experts can help you achieve cost-effective delivery through robust asset management, contract compliance and the right tools and systems.

Technical expertise and capabilities

With over two decades’ experience in delivering transport infrastructure and street lighting projects, we have a comprehensive understanding of the latest market trends across the sector. In keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations, materials and prices, we can ensure a seamless procurement process that will drive value across your assets.

Our transport infrastructure experts understand the challenges and risks you face in this competitive sector. At Vercity, we’ll ensure that your assets are actively managed and that your contractual obligations are delivered.

As part of our technical service delivery, we can conduct compliance auditing, defect and technical evaluations, including the identification and deployment of service providers to support your operations, enhance your value and maximise your returns.

Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, Canada
Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, Canada
Coleshill Parkway, Birmingham, England
Coleshill Parkway, Birmingham, England
Cross London Trains, London, England.
Cross London Trains, London, England.

Contract compliance that delivers confidence

Providing a high level of service and safety requires a strong focus on compliance. To ensure you meet your contract obligations, we’ll continuously review your costs and assess your service delivery so you can operate with confidence.

We’ll use our audit process to provide expert insight into your service regimes, with a view to ensuring contract compliance and industry best practice. Each compliance review includes an analysis of actual performance delivery against contract requirements.

In monitoring your performance and establishing effective approaches, we can prevent and resolve issues with positive outcomes. A dedicated Service Improvement Manager will identify opportunities to enhance your operational efficiency, minimise performance issues and avoid disputes.

Real-time asset monitoring with the right tools and reporting systems

Critical to asset management in the transport infrastructure sector is real-time visibility. You need to be certain about the location of vehicles and the condition of road surfaces at all times.

With Vercity as your partner, you can look forward to automated workflows, real-time asset monitoring and graphically-rich information that will enable more effective analysis of your performance. We have the expertise and the tools to improve your understanding of your contractual obligations and we can break down the challenges you face and present a clear framework for realising improvements.

In implementing a robust reporting process, we can help you capture live data that will lead to confident decision making. Our reports cover key operational and commercial considerations and can include health & safety matters, operational structure, service efficiency, cashflows, and supply chain considerations.

“Our transport infrastructure experts understand the challenges and risks you face in this competitive sector. At Vercity, we’ll ensure that your assets are actively managed and that your contractual obligations are delivered.”

Robust social environmental governance

By developing measurable and effective ESG strategies and policies, we can help you make progress towards reducing your carbon footprint and achieving carbon reduction targets.

In monitoring the environmental impact of your initiatives, we can identify opportunities to develop more environmentally-friendly public and private transport infrastructures, ease traffic congestion, improve road surfaces and implement more energy efficient street lighting.

We’ve developed a suite of governance processes, including a risk committee and registers to ensure your investments are managed effectively and are kept safe. Our business management systems can shape your policies and procedures and provide a framework for ensuring compliance with the law, regulations and contractual provisions.

Meet your contract obligations, operate with confidence

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