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Facilities Management Compliance

As your strategic partner, Vercity will engage with and analyse your facilities management strategy and services. We’ll get to the core of your activities and understand the balance between your strategic, operational and commercial positions.

In developing tailored action plans, we’ll ensure you meet your contractual and legislative obligations. We will use the audit process to provide expert insight into your service regimes, with a view to ensuring contract compliance and industry best practice. You’ll benefit from the depth of our experience for over two decades, and our impartial support will enhance your public sector relationships.

Optimal contract compliance for optimal return

The way in which your facilities management (FM) offerings are delivered is key to managing risk, protecting your project, ensuring compliance, improving performance and protecting condition.

Over the years, we’ve established effective approaches to prevent and resolve issues with positive outcomes. In monitoring your FM services, we’ll identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, minimise performance issues, avoid dispute and eliminate unnecessary renewals.

Managing performance risk has a positive impact on cashflows. We will help you to achieve cost certainty and avoid unnecessary spend.

What does good look like? Finding the right facilities management partners

With the right facilities management partners, you can improve operational efficiency and achieve economies of scale. Our intuitive knowledge, based on years of industry engagement in the facilities management marketplace helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of service providers and service delivery models.

We’ve built robust relationships across the market and take a proactive approach to drafting and use of specifications, performance regimes and payment mechanisms.

We also have expertise in change management, which can include the procurement of FM services and the contract structures that will be best fit your project. Our experience includes replacement of contractors and the management of that change to reduce impact on your project.

Assessing quality and service delivery standards

A key element of facilities management compliance is the ability to review costs and assess the quality of the services delivered. By reviewing both cost and quality we can determine the relative value for money of your facilities management services. In turn, this helps you identify best practice and whether the services are aligned with the market. Being able to demonstrate value is often required for both internal and external governance.

Following a structured approach, we can review and report on areas such as authority inspections, service provider and special purpose vehicle (SPV) performance.

Each compliance review includes an analysis of actual performance delivery against contract requirements.

Creating a clear action plan for performance and compliance

Having a clear action plan for addressing issues reduces organisational risk and delivers confidence. In liaising with project parties, we can create an action plan that will enable each project party to optimise performance and achieve value for money.

Should further investigation be required, we can bring in skills from across our team. Whether the matter be in relation to engineering, a payment mechanism assessment or project management; we have the expertise to resolve issues with positive outcomes.

Our approach will make you feel reassured that matters have been targeted and that plans are in place to address compliance issues.

“We have welcomed [Greater] Modus’s commitment to collaborative working and seen clear benefits with our aims for Main Building better understood, more effective working relationships and a united approach to addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19.”

David Blackall
Director, Head Office, Ministry of Defence

Maintaining positive site stakeholder relationships

Vercity Consultancy understand PFI stakeholders and the expectations of all project parties, ensuring operational performance matches contract requirements.

We realise that no two PFI contracts are the same but through our insight and integration with operational teams, we can ensure that relationships are strengthened; providing assurance in respect of the facilities management services delivered.

Maintaining positive stakeholder relationships is critical to successful asset management, through transparency and open dialogue we ensure facilities management services meet project outcomes. That’s why we strive to foster strong contractual, political and commercial relationships to this end.

Meet your contract obligations and assets managed with confidence

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