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Vercity’s in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector enables us to enhance the value of your assets and achieve contract compliance. We can help you adapt to the challenges in this ever-evolving sector to ensure your operations continue uninterrupted.

Asset management that minimises disruption

Healthcare facilities require continuous improvements to meet contract compliance and to ensure the highest level of care. Through careful planning and evaluation, we can support the delivery of your lifecycle works, while ensuring your operations remain active 24/7. When upgrading or replacing equipment, we’ll work closely with all parties to ensure temporary facilities and mobile equipment is provided, ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

In working around the needs of patients, staff and shareholders, we can create a tailored strategy, so you’ll meet all contractual obligations and achieve positive outcomes. We’ll identify where value can be added in your facility and where investment is required to improve contract performance.

By implementing effective processes and procedures, we can help you deliver better financial returns and influence effective decision making. We’ll take the time to understand your asset costs and analyse your budgets, so you’ll benefit from cost consistency over the long-term.

Image of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridge, England.
Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridge, England.
Peterborough City Hospital, England.
Peterborough City Hospital, England.

Facilities management, tailored to your needs

Changes in healthcare provision are driven by emerging technologies and increasingly complex infrastructures and systems. In a competitive and ever-changing sector, it can be challenging to know who to speak to for the specific services you need.

At Vercity, we offer impartial support that can improve the standard of your current facilities management. In operating our portfolio of healthcare projects for over two decades, we’ve developed intuitive knowledge of the sector and the services delivered within it. We recognise the strengths and weaknesses in FM providers and understand their service costs and performance issues.

As your facilities management advisor, we’ll take the time to develop an understanding of your strategic, operational and commercial positions. From catering and cleaning, to the maintenance of MRI scanners, we’ll engage with and analyse all operational issues and develop a service that’s tailored to your needs.

Monitoring performance to achieve contract compliance

In developing bespoke action plans, we’ll ensure you meet your contractual and legislative obligations. We’ll use our audit process to provide expert insight into your service regimes, with a view to ensuring contract compliance and industry best practice. Each compliance review includes an analysis of actual performance delivery against contract requirements.

We have the in-house expertise to monitor your performance and establish effective approaches to prevent and resolve issues with positive outcomes. A dedicated Service Improvement Manager will identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, minimise performance issues, avoid disputes and eliminate unnecessary renewals.

Our technical services team will use risk management techniques to identify technical issues early and take appropriate action to ensure your asset performance is maximised and your risk is reduced.

“In working around the needs of patients, staff and shareholders, we can create a tailored strategy, so you’ll meet all contractual obligations and achieve positive outcomes.”

Adding value through collaboration

With over two decades’ experience in asset management in the healthcare sector, we understand the need to work closely with staff and stakeholders in planning for lifecycle works.

In demanding healthcare environments, collaboration is key to delivering successful projects. Through sharing expertise across our portfolio, you’ll have access to insights from our commercial, technical, lifecycle, finance, and project management teams.

We seek to build long-term relationships that bring value-added benefits to your assets through compliance, accounting and tax efficiencies, commercial initiatives, and innovation. Together, we’ll meet any challenge and ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

Add value to your assets, achieve your outcomes

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