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February 2022

Vercity Voices – Salama Jibril

Salama Jibril

This month Ellie Rowland-Callanan spoke to Salama Jibril about her career and life journey, and her experience and thoughts on Black History Month in Canada.

What has been your experience at Vercity?

My experience in Vercity has had a foundation rooted in teamwork which has helped me experience my career in a new way that I appreciate. I appreciate Vercity’s commitment to fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion, and engagement as I believe these are important aspects which foster growth in employees’ careers and Company excellence.

I’ve had the opportunity to work across several projects. Throughout my role as a Management Accountant and many assignments, the client’s needs and expectations have required me to flex, grow and adapt to different circumstances. This challenge coupled with the insights and training have allowed me to positively accept each challenge head on.

What career/life advice would you give your younger self?

I would say keep setting goals by developing yourself in distinct ways, Always differentiate yourself by having a unique niche that sets you apart from the crowd and finally Network, Network and Network as connections will open doors to exciting new opportunities in every aspect of life.

What are your thoughts on Black History Month and what it represents in Canada?

Black History Month helps in recognizing the contributions of Black people and culture in different aspects of the society we have today. I see Black History Month in Canada as a period of time devoted to understanding, open dialogue and celebrating the contributions of Black culture, without diluting the hardships and perpetual barriers that still exist and affect racialized people.

So, in this Black History Month, let us not be afraid to work together, to hold ourselves accountable to ensure that Black dignity, Black accomplishment and Black justice are more a part of the present than our past, and more a part of our future than our present.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I participate in a variety of activities and hobbies. These activities provide me with the opportunity to learn, take on challenges, and have fun. In addition, my hobbies allow for relaxation and inner growth. I enjoy learning new information through reading, surfing the Internet, travelling and shopping. Along with indoor activities, I like to spend time outdoors when my schedule allows. I regularly challenge my fear of heights by hiking to the peaks of mountains to enjoy the fresh air and terrific scenery. Whether choosing a hobby or a job, my goal is always self-improvement, the same as my goals in life.

Careers at Vercity

At Vercity, we encourage professional development and recruit for a wide range of roles across the UK, Canada and North America. Our workforce is diverse, we offer great benefits, flexible working and equal opportunities for talented individuals at all levels across a variety of disciplines. If you are interested in a career with us, get in touch with a speculative application.

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