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January 2022

Creating value through intelligent data capture, management, and insight.

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Vercity has been on a data journey, commencing with collection of asset data and ending up with data that matters which can be utilised to maximise asset value.

Knowing what Vercity manages allows us to:

  • Intelligently data capture
  • Intelligently build databases
  • Provide insights and results
  • Produce key assets strategies

What does this mean for Vercity’s clients?

For Vercity clients, this means additional value and de-risking of their assets.

An intelligent data strategy that underpins robust plans for maintenance, lifecycle and obsolescence to be put in place for key assets (based on criticality and cost of the asset). Production of real-life circumstance models to allow “what would happen if we did this?” and “what if?” scenario testing and outputs.

Intelligent management of data can be utilised in lifecycle modelling, life expectancy assessments and carbon reduction strategies and benefits include cost certainty, carbon reduction and more robust planning.

How Vercity Creates Value

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