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September 2021

Data…. the New Oil? Almost.

We speak often of data being the new oil of the twenty-first century. Indeed, there are plenty of TED talks on the subject, but at Vercity we like to cut through the hyperbole, and say we need to be smarter than Rockefeller drilling holes in the ground to be prepared for an uncertain future.

From our perspective of intelligent data capture, we want to go further to refine that oil into petroleum and kerosene for a real life understanding of value and insights into how we manage our client’s portfolios.

At Vercity we have a forensic understanding of client portfolios. Knowing exactly what we manage enables us to interrogate that refined oil and model accurate calculations and scenarios.

What do we know?

We know your assets inside out: from acute hospital wards to fleets of commercial property real-estate. We know what assets you have, where they’re located, their condition and how hard they’re working. We know your building occupancy profile and know your energy use. We know your carbon strategy.

What does that mean for Vercity clients?

In short, everything.

Having an intelligence-backed approach to your portfolio allows us to see around the corner in terms of de-risking, being fiscally literate and moving you towards a reduced carbon future.

We can ask what if questions of the refined data, what if about asset obsolescence, carbon saving initiatives and replacement strategy scenarios and model the answers, giving a monetary bottom-line figure. We can calculate energy savings in terms of the tonnes of CO2 as well as financial savings.

We can model real-life circumstances: what would happen if we did this?

How will a strategic replacement to more energy efficient chillers over three years impact your portfolio?
  • How will the extended asset lifespans impact your lifecycle models?  Can you reduce the replacement cycles from X years to Y?
  • What would that mean for your financial modelling?
  • What energy consumption savings in kilowatts would be expected from the new chillers and how does that translate to carbon savings?
How will the withdrawal of fluorescent lighting tubes impact your portfolio?
  • How long will a change to LED lighting replacement take to pay for itself?
  • How will this reduction translate to measurable carbon savings and how much will it contribute to your corporate energy targets?
  • What impact will the modern LED lighting have on the comfort cooling as LEDs emit less heat for your chillers to expel?

These are the oil questions of the twenty-first century. At Vercity, our data is continually refined into knowledgeable insights to move us towards a greener future.  

Mark O’Shea, Senior Asset Manager, Vercity Consultancy.

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