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August 2021

Intelligent management of data assets

The Data Share Challenge

Data sharing operations between different organisations have long been seen as a challenging and unrealistic process; digital transformation is not an automatic guarantee of standardisation – indeed far from it.

Furthermore, it is difficult, time consuming, and costly for all stakeholders to change their systems and/or data. Often, it is not feasible to create a technology system that can support fast, secure, and efficient data sharing operations as it requires significant technical expertise, alongside high development, and software costs.

This can restrict property and infrastructure owners in gaining accurate management information on the performance of their built assets, limiting their ability to properly plan future works and predict the associated costs.

The Vercity Approach

Vercity has developed an adaptive, flexible data approach as a layer on top of clients existing data, thus allowing business intelligence insights without the challenges of full integration.

Rather than mandating that our clients, partners, and stakeholders follow a strict structure of standardisation, Vercity have created a multi-stakeholder process that empowers data owners and allows them to retain full data ownership.


Non-invasive integration – The Vercity approach acts as a parallel methodology separate from the client’s own database, which enables an efficient integration process. The Vercity insights layer can work seamlessly alongside existing systems and workflows without the need for system downtime.

Flexibility and cohesion – Our process is designed to be agnostic from a database perspective which means that client solutions can be infinitely customised. A major benefit is that it enables the conversion of a complex, multi-database set of disparate data into a single cohesive output that does not require data owners to alter their existing systems.

Better Client insights – access to a flexible data process significantly enhances the experience of Vercity’s clients and partners. The adaptive data system allows Vercity to provide personalised asset and portfolio level insights, based on the entire global dataset available. The quantity of data available for analysis is greatly expanded, whilst its integrity is assured, and the burden of data maintenance is reduced.

Improved data privacy and accuracy – Prolonged storage of sensitive partner data in multiple data management systems increases the risk of privacy breaches. Allowing the client and investors to retain their own datasets internally eliminates this risk.

Efficient data adjustment – data updates are only required once, as there are not two systems that could diverge or contradict one another – the client merely retains and updates their data, with Vercity accessing only the data that is needed, at the right time for the right reasons.

Deep Level Insights For Success

Vercity can bring to each individual client knowledge, data, and insights from our entire portfolio under management, as well as each project we have worked on to-date. Regardless of sector, client, or asset type, each project can benefit from a deep knowledge base to drive better analysis.

Simon Crawley, Senior Asset Manager

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