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June 2022

Allyship at Vercity

In recognition of Pride Month 2022, several Vercity Consultancy team members shared their definitions of allyship in the workplace.

“Allyship should be a key part of how we interface and communicate with each other. There’s no monopoly on good ideas and people from differing backgrounds have different perspectives, all of which are valid and often the alternate view is the most valuable. We don’t get the full depth of views or see the picture fully if we don’t allow everyone to input.”

Mark Cade (He/Him), Strategic Asset Management Director

“To me, it means always being an open and accepting ear to listen, standing up for others who may be marginalised, and knowing to treat everyone with respect and dignity.”

Lucy Birch (She/Her), Consultancy Marketing Analyst and FREDIE Champion

“Allyship is about living in a world where those who can help others do help others, whether through financial, active, or influential support. The opportunity to be whatever you want to be in life should be attainable to all and sponsored by those in a position to support it.”

Andy Darge (He/Him), Technical Manager

“Allyship is the everyday act of bringing the collective along and using all avenues open to enable them to shine, contribute and bring their unique skills and insights to projects which could have otherwise lacked their input due to structure, politics or ignorance.”

Mike Thomas (He/Him), Key Account Manager

“I believe it is standing side by side, with no one in front and no one behind.  We are not in a line, there is no beginning and there is no end – we are shoulder to shoulder, side by side as humans nothing more and nothing less.” 

Helen Shepherd (She/Her), Commercial Finance Manager

 “I saw a recent quote by Sheree Acheson in Forbes which I think sums up Allyship at Vercity well; “If engaged correctly, allies hold the power and the key to stimulate positive change.”

Here we are always challenging the status quo. It’s fantastic seeing the stereotypical norm not still being the norm.”

Lee Thompson (He/Him), Senior Asset Manager

About FREDIE at Vercity

We are accredited Investors in Diversity and ranked 23rd in the Top 100 Most Inclusive Places to Work. Our staff have the option to include their pronouns on all correspondence. Our #havetheconversation campaign, introduced and led by our FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement) Steering Group (FSG) allows for the lowering of barriers to inclusion throughout our teams, allowing colleagues and collaborators to present as their authentic selves at work.

Ellie Rowland-Callanan (she/her), Head of Marketing and FSG Member

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