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Andrew Saunders

General Manager

Choosing Vercity

Putting Vercity’s excellent reputation and impressive portfolio of projects to one side, it was the onboarding process that stood out for me. The two way, open and honest communication from the outset was vitally important, the people made the difference. There was a clear emphasis on the business building a strong offering within the region, and it was fantastic to hear that I could be part of that.

Collaborating with clients

Supporting our clients, such as NHS Trusts, in the delivery of their critical services is very satisfying, it is rewarding to see first-hand the difference we can make. Our ability to support and collaborate with clients has been tested to the extreme during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is pleasing that this has been recognised by our clients, which this goes to further strengthen relationships and also evidence what we can really do.  

The values we live by

The values shape the identity of Vercity and together provide a platform for our individual and collective internal and external activities. For me the words behind the values really capture Vercity’s strengths, and from a leadership perspective they ensure that my team members know what they need to do to succeed. 

A supportive environment

The diverse nature of our employees backgrounds ensures that there is always somebody there to provide support. Business wide knowledge and problem sharing is actively encouraged, whether that be through structured forums or an informal discussion. The wide range of services Vercity offers means that we are consistently able to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. I feel empowered, ultimately I am allowed to get on with the day job, but there is always support available if its required.

Non-hierarchical culture

The clear line of sight from the Management Board to the rest of the business really supports a non-hierarchical culture, regular engagement and visibility go a long way to promoting a true feeling of “no status”.

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