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November 2021

Collaborative Surveyor Network

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Gavin Barden shares this brand new Vercity initiative.

“Listening to feedback we have gathered across the industry from clients, it appears they do not always get what they expect when commissioning a building survey. Delving deeper into the feedback we found varying reasons for this such as the original scope didn’t capture the needs of the survey fully, the tender returns provided a range of results and ultimately the survey did not provide them with an output they required or could use going forward. We are growing our Collaborative Surveying Network so scenarios like these do not happen, and we are supporting our clients by doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason, providing a clear Route To Value, and delivering exceptional surveying results supporting our client’s future asset strategies.

Over the last few months, we have engaged with the network, meeting virtually to discuss our ambitions and feedback from the industry. Our vision at Vercity Consultancy is that the surveying process can be broken down into four high level strands:

Survey delivery & management
Maintenance of survey data

Ensuring the survey Scope captures the requirements of the client prior to the tender process is imperative to ensure all other steps in the survey process can be effectively delivered. The second stage being to Tender the scope with survey practices that we know can deliver the output required. Delivering the survey and ensuring efficient Management measures are in place to accomplish the survey programme and output required is the next stage in the process. Being involved in the delivery of the survey provides early sight of the data being produced and allows for the inclusion of knowledge from the site facilities management team or client which provides a survey output which is a mixture of professional surveying knowledge and operational reality.

Successful implementation of the first three stages provides our clients with clean, consistent, and useable data, which is key in ensuring it can be Maintained following completion of the survey programme. Throughout the whole process, Vercity Consultancy add innovative asset intelligence from our expert knowledge of asset components derived from previous commissions and our managed portfolio. Whether it be lifecycle/maintenance planning, asset optimisation, obsolescence management or identification of risk, the Strategic Asset Management team provide tangible results to meet client expectations using our Collaborative Surveying Network.”

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